mpMRI Mapping With IB Neuro Helps Characterize High-Grade Glioma’s Invasive Margins

By News Release


Imaging Biometrics, LLC announced the results of a landmark study that used multi-regional genomic/transcriptomic sequencing with spatially matched MRI measurements to characterize the invasive tumor margins of high-grade glioma (HGG). The study was published in Nature Communications.

High-grade glioma (HGG) is a deadly brain cancer that often recurs after surgery, due to the presence of residual tumor cells in the invasive margins of the tumor that are often not surgically removed.  These tumor cells are often invisible on standard imaging and may be hard to access and sample during surgery. To address this challenge, a multi-center team, led by Leland S Hu, MD, a neuroradiologist at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, has developed a novel approach that uses non-invasive imaging to characterize the invasive margins. Specifically, computations performed by IB Neuro’s dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) software was central to the study.

The researchers obtained multiple biopsies from different regions of each patient’s tumor and recorded the precise location of each biopsy using stereotactic coordinates. Each biopsy sample was then matched with the corresponding measurements derived from IB Neuro and other technologies. By integrating genomic, transcriptomic, and MRI data, the researchers were able to identify distinct imaging patterns that matched key genetic and molecular features of the invasive tumor margins, which were also different from the more central core tumor regions.

The investigators found that the invasive tumor margins contain biologically distinct genetic and molecular alterations that not only underlie aggressive behavior and disease recurrence but also give insights to potentially new susceptibilities to treatment that could improve future outcomes.

“This is yet another application of IB Neuro’s impact on the care of brain cancer patients,” said Trevor Brown, CEO of IQ-AI. “Our collaborators continue to use IB Software to advance our understanding and ultimately improve outcomes,” Brown added.