FDA Clears MIM Software’s Contour ProtégéAI 4.0

By News Release


MIM Software Inc. announces the US Food and Drug Administration has cleared its newest version of the AI auto-contouring solution Contour ProtégéAI.

The update provides MIM Software customers with iteratively improved algorithms for Radiation Oncology segmentation, additional structures, and enhancements for Molecular Radiotherapy (MRT).

With new FDA-cleared contours and the power of flexible implementation, Contour ProtégéAI can be added to any existing workflow with minimal effort and exceptional contouring results.

"Over the past several months, the MIM Software team has worked hard to focus this new version on improving our contouring performance," said Jay Obman, Product Manager at MIM Software Inc. "The initial testing has shown a good improvement in our overall contour quality, and I'm excited for our users to reap the benefits of those improvements as well as some new contours we've added."