MIM SurePlan MRT for Molecular Radiotherapy Gets CE Mark for AI Segmentation Models

By News Release

MIM Software Inc. has received CE Mark approval for new artificial intelligence (AI) segmentation models in the company’s Molecular Radiotherapy solution, MIM SurePlan MRT. AI segmentation simplifies the contouring process for dosimetry, provides significant time savings and delivers enhanced results compared to manual and atlas-based segmentation.

In addition to these new AI segmentation models, MIM SurePlan MRT now includes two single timepoint methods – the Hänscheid approach and the prior-information approach.

The Hänscheid approach uses a single SPECT/CT acquired around a carefully chosen time after each cycle of therapy to calculate the absorbed dose. The prior information approach uses time-activity curve information from multiple SPECT/CTs after the first cycle to calculate the dose for the remaining cycles, using only a single SPECT/CT at each of the remaining cycles.

These methods add further tools to MIM SurePlan MRT to ensure clinicians have the ability to perform dosimetry in situations where they are unable to obtain multiple SPECT/CTs for patients.

"We've identified that two of the most common barriers for implementing clinical dosimetry are resource management and logistics around obtaining multiple image acquisitions," said Tim Adams, Nuclear Medicine Market Director at MIM Software. "Our goal for these new additions to MIM SurePlan MRT is to make capturing dosimetry practical for both clinics and patients by removing some of the hurdles associated with conventional dosimetry approaches."

Image supplied by MIM Software Inc.