MIM Software, Videra Surgical Integrate Solutions for Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy

By News Release


MIM Software Inc. and Videra Surgical Inc. are collaborating to integrate the Videra Surgical's VeraForm tumor bed marker and MIM Software's platform for Radiation Oncology. The goal is to help oncologists identify the residual tumor bed for post-surgical radiation therapy.

"Contouring the tumor bed may seem easy, but it can be the most imprecise thing we perform," said Dr. David Beyer, former President of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) and Medical Director of Cancer Centers of Northern Arizona Healthcare.

VeraForm is a radiopaque, continuous, three-dimensional, multi-planar tissue marker that is easily identified on conventional planning CT images. As part of this collaboration, MIM Software has created an automated workflow that assists with the identification and segmentation of VeraForm. This will facilitate semi- and auto-contouring of the tumor bed for radiation oncologists. 

"This collaboration benefits many patients who are undergoing multiple procedures for breast cancer radiation treatment," said Andrew Nelson, Chief Executive Officer of MIM Software. "We are excited to make this technique available to all of our Radiation Oncology customers as part of their normal service contract." 

"MIM Software is a market leader in practical imaging solutions for Radiation Oncology, with thousands of installations across the United States," followed Joe Guido, Chief Executive Officer of Videra Surgical. "This integration enables contouring of the tumor bed, which can have a significant impact on workflow and treatment standardization across healthcare systems for patients who have received a VeraForm marker during breast cancer surgery."