March 2024Vol 13 • Issue 1

Adapting to the Virtual World: An Analysis of Remote Work Policies in Academic Radiation Oncology

By Sara Beltran Ponce, MD, Amy LoTemplio, BA, Erin Kaya, MD, Katie Lichter, MD, Shraddha M. Dalwadi, MD, Sumi Sinha, MD, Lois Wairiri, MD, William Stadtlander, MPH, Mary McGunigal, MD, Reshma Jagsi, MD, DPhil, Virginia W. Osborn, MD, Elizabeth Jeans, MD, Gabrielle W. Peters, MD, Jenna M. Kahn, MD
March 1, 2024

Challenges of Methotrexate Administration During Breast Radiation: A Case Report

By Mona Arbab, MD, MEd, Meng-Lun Hsieh, MD, PhD, Vlad Zaha, MD, Sangeetha Reddy, MD, Asal Rahimi, MD
March 1, 2024

Travel-Related Environmental Impact of Telemedicine in a Radiation Oncology Clinic

By Melissa A. Frick, MD, Claire C. Baniel, MD, Katie Lichter, MD, Hilary P. Bagshaw, MD
March 1, 2024

Planning Target Volume Margin Assessment of Retroperitoneal Tumors Using Robotic SBRT With Spine Tracking

By Grant McKenzie, MD, Maxwell Kassel, BS, Andres Portocarrero Bonifaz, MS, Andrew Willett, BS, Christine Swanson, PhD, Joshua James, MS, Neal Dunlap, MD
March 1, 2024

Green-ifying Clinical Trials

By Rachel Shenker, MD, Julie Bloom, MD, Katie Lichter, MD, MPH
March 1, 2024

Assessing the Readiness for Climate Change Education in Radiation Oncology in the US and Canada

By Sierra M. Silverwood, BA, Katie E. Lichter, MPH, MD, Konstandina Stavropoulos, BS, Tyler Pham, BS, James Randall, MD, Leah D’Souza, MD, MSc, Nauman Malik, MD, Jennifer Croke, MD, Jillian R. Gunther, MD, Jeffrey Cao, MD, Joanne Alfieri, MD, Osama Mohamad, MD, Daniel W. Golden, MD, MHPE, Steve Braunstein, MD, PhD
March 1, 2024
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