Telix Launches Gallium Awareness Website

By News Release

Telix Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has launched a new website as part of the company’s gallium awareness campaign. “Gallium Wave” illustrates how Telix, in partnership with suppliers, manufacturers and distributors, is paving a new path to increase future access to gallium-68 (68Ga) based radiopharmaceuticals. Pharmacy-based generators and dose preparation can support the delivery of novel 68Ga diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals “on demand”, delivering greater scheduling flexibility and control to the imaging practice.

Telix Chief Executive Officer Dr. Christian Behrenbruch noted, “The supply of 68Ga-based radiopharmaceuticals will be a team effort, and our generator and cyclotron partners, as well as distribution partners like Cardinal Health, provide access to the technology needed to ensure greater reach and flexibility. We are excited to launch this educational resource to increase physician awareness of the reliability, flexibility and accessibility of 68Ga.”

“Preparing the final 68Ga radiopharmaceutical in the pharmacy versus manufacturing it simplifies the overall process. The pharmacy-prepared approach gives providers more flexibility in managing their business operations, as well as expanding patient access,” said Luke Augustine, Vice President of Business Development for Cardinal Health Nuclear & Precision Health Solutions. “This website is a much needed physician education resource in radioisotopes.”