Telix, Cardinal Health Launch Gallium Awareness Campaign


On the heels of the first gallium-68 (Ga-68) PSMA based prostate imaging agent in 2020 and in response to an anticipated increase in interest and demand, Telix Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Cardinal Health have launched an awareness campaign that includes an in-depth white paper. Moving beyond the Myth: Meeting the growing demand for Ga-68 radiopharmaceuticals, discusses the pathways for radio-isotope production, distribution and clinical application, as well as highlighting the extensive systems already in place to help ensure potential demand for Ga-68 imaging products is met.

“A key to satisfying the demand for this isotope lies in having a robust network of radiopharmacies like Cardinal Health,” said Dr. Christian Behrenbruch, Chief Executive Officer of Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited. “There is a perception in the industry that supply chain issues may limit the availability of gallium-based radiopharmaceuticals. Whilst this may have been true historically, this is no longer the case. The strength and power of gallium lies in its flexibility, with production by either cyclotron or generator. This offers greater flexibility and opportunity for scale than other purely cyclotron-based isotopes. Subject to regulator approval, we look forward to offering state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging to U.S. men living with prostate cancer, and Cardinal Health’s radiopharmacy network and infrastructure will be vital in facilitating nationwide access.”

Cardinal Health Nuclear & Precision Health Solutions offers an extensive network of over 130 pharmacies, of which more than 110 are licensed to process 68Ga. Besides distribution efficiencies, Cardinal Health’s Accutrac® system tracks doses during transit from the pharmacy to the site of care, enabling a greater than 99% on-time delivery record to help ensure doses are delivered where they are needed, when they are needed. “Patient and physician satisfaction is our top priority,” says Tiffany Olson, President of the Cardinal Health Nuclear & Precision Health Solutions business. “Telix Pharmaceuticals is developing gallium-based innovations to advance prostate cancer imaging, and Cardinal Health is ready to help meet that demand.”

The white-paper is available for free download on the Cardinal Health website.