Royal Philips launches FocusPoint, a network application management system

By News Release

 Royal Philips has debuted FocusPoint, a network application management system to help improve biomedical and IT department productivity. The new technology provides operational alerts and statistical data to support the health ecosystem, from the IT department to the biomedical staff, allowing providers to increase system uptime and reduce costs associated with maintaining and servicing Philips medical devices, applications and networks. As the centerpiece of Philips remote-enabled services, FocusPoint builds on Philips' leadership in patient monitoring with solutions tailored to specific customer needs, and integrating with the provider's existing IT and biomedical systems and procedures.

As the shift toward value-based care continues, health systems are choosing to incorporate IT solutions into their hospital staff's workflow to help support better use of resources, improve outcomes and optimize care. Depending on the size of a health system, there can be hundreds to thousands of medical devices and network equipment, where IT and biomedical staff have little visibility into the back-end of multiple systems. Providers lack near real-time performance metrics and troubleshooting capabilities that can greatly impact the health system.

“With the constantly growing amount of medical equipment in our customers' health systems, it can be challenging for staff to keep track of required equipment maintenance and pinpoint minor operational issues before bigger problems arise,” said Felix Baader, Business Leader, Monitoring & Analytics at Philips. “Designed with an intuitive, web-based interface, FocusPoint gives providers operational insight through an easy-to-use dashboard that unifies data from Philips medical devices to help pinpoint problems and deliver actionable insights to intervene quickly.”

FocusPoint acts as a central point for the provider, showing which solutions are installed and running on the customer's network. For support extending beyond the hospital walls, Philips offers a dedicated team to support the health system on-site as well as remotely to help the provider leverage the information from FocusPoint and transition it into improved efficiencies. FocusPoint will be available in the U.S. in the first half of 2018.