RaySearch Launches New Version of RayCare Oncology Information System

By News Release


RayCare 5B is the newest version of RaySearch Laboratories oncology information system, featuring full user configurability of all workflow configuration settings, including the possibility to create advanced workflow automation, from the administrator's workspace. This new feature enables clinics to get full control over their workflows and tailor them to their specific needs and demands and also ensures that the workflows can be maintained to support and streamline the clinical processes as new procedures emerge. RayCare 5B also offers clinics the possibility to create and customize their own documents and forms.

RayCare 5B has been designed to enhance and extend access to key information related to planning and performing radiotherapy treatments in RayCare. Accessibility of patient specific radiotherapy information, such as prescriptions, delivered dose, and treatment course data, has now been improved. This, together with enhanced workflows across RaySearch products, where data is automatically transferred at key steps, will enhance operational efficiency and safety throughout the course of radiation treatment delivery.

Another functionality of RayCare 5B is support for structured grading of side effects in the patient chart according to industry standards, which enables clinics to document and monitor these throughout the treatment process. Further improvements of the patient chart include extension of  the patient summary workspace, giving all members of the care team a quick view of pertinent patient information. 

Johan Löf, founder and CEO, RaySearch, says: "RayCare 5B displays a new level of maturity of the product. Solid advancements, such as user configurable workflows and documents as well as a more unified and automated workflow between our products, are features that will greatly benefit all clinics using RayCare."