RaySearch Presents Latest Innovations at ASTRO 2021

By News Release


RaySearch showcased its latest oncology software innovations at ASTRO 2021 in Chicago this week.

The latest versions of RayStation (11A) and RayCare (5A) were released in May 2021. A new feature in the RayStation release is dose planning for Accuray’s CyberKnife system for radiosurgery and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). The RayStation treatment planning system provides support for optimization with the three different types of collimations – fixed cones, Iris Variable Aperture and Incise Multileaf Collimator – as well as all CyberKnife techniques for Synchrony real-time motion synchronization. The release also includes innovations in organ segmentation using deep learning with model support for organs in the head and neck, thorax, and pelvis regions.

The latest RayStation version also provides expanded integration with the oncology information system RayCare and the treatment control system RayCommand*, which now enables the clinical workflow to be made even smoother.

In RayCare 5A, several features have been added to the oncology information system (OIS) to promote clinical efficiency and improve safety by reducing the number of manual routine tasks. The new features include support for managing radiation therapy prescriptions and a new whiteboard that provides an overview of patient treatments including information on readiness for treatment.

The RayIntelligence cloud-based analytics system for oncology automatically extracts patient and treatment data from RayStation for visualization and analysis of patient populations. The latest version (1C) has enhanced functionality for analyzing and comparing treatment plans for patient populations.

Expanded partnerships

RaySearch has also expanded two partnerships to further advancements in proton therapy.

RaySearch and Mevion Medical Systems are collaborating to develop advanced treatment planning techniques for FLASH delivery with the MEVION S250i Proton Therapy System. FLASH therapy is currently under preclinical research and is not yet available for commercial sale or clinical use.

The collaboration will explore FLASH intensity modulated proton therapy (IMPT) delivery using a technique that supports the delivery of large-volume clinical FLASH fields through the combination of smaller fields, each delivered at FLASH dose rates, which complements Mevion’s advanced HYPERSCAN delivery system.

“Mevion is pleased to continue our long partnership with RaySearch to develop ultra-high dose rate (FLASH) intensity modulated proton therapy. Optimizing FLASH delivery requires explicit consideration of the time dependent dose delivery and sequencing of proton spots. Overlapping spots or spots with multiple pulses may have complex FLASH weighting factors. Differing tissue types or tissue properties may also need to be included in an effective dose weighting model. The RaySearch development team is uniquely qualified to incorporate these features into a FLASH dose calculation module,” said Townsend Zwart, Vice President of Advanced Development, Mevion Medical Systems.

“RayStation already supports IMPT planning for Mevion’s HYPERSCAN system with Monte Carlo dose calculation for both optimization and final dose calculation. We are now excited to explore how RayStation can create optimal FLASH plans for the HYPERSCAN system and to further deepening our partnership,” said Kjell Eriksson, Chief Science Officer, RaySearch.

In addition, RaySearch and IBA expanded their partnership in FLASH radiotherapy, proton ARC therapy and treatment of moving tumors.

The majority of IBA’s Proteus centers have selected RayStation as treatment planning system, with 27 centers around the world equipped with a Proteus proton delivery system in combination with RayStation. As part of the expanded collaboration, the RayCare* OIS will be customized for optimal use together with the IBA delivery solutions. In both RayStation and RayCare, as well as in the IBA delivery solutions, joint features, dedicated software interfaces and modified graphical user interface components will allow for a seamless integration of the workflow with optimized performance. The result will be a turnkey solution for all software and hardware needed to deliver outstanding proton therapy treatments.

“Today the combination of RaySearch’s RayStation and IBA’s Proteus is an industry standard within proton therapy. With the now announced expanded partnership between our companies, we aim to take proton therapy to the next level by developing several innovative radiotherapy technologies that will significantly improve patient care,” said Johan Löf, founder and CEO, RaySearch.

“We continue to demonstrate year after year that our combined expertise is providing superior integrated proton therapy solutions for the benefits of clinicians allowing them to take best care of their patients,” said Olivier Legrain, CEO of IBA.