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ProTom Enters Agreement to Expand its US Market

By News Release


ProTom International has entered into an agreement with the Behnke Group, a  Texas-based healthcare consulting firm to enhance ProTom’s expansion of U.S. markets through connections with the Behnke Group’s network in the industry.

“We are pleased to collaborate with the Behnke Group as our business development associate,” said ProTom International Co-Founder and CEO Stephen Spotts. “We’re confident that the Behnke Group’s extensive expertise will be a valuable asset in expanding our U.S. market, enabling us to provide our life-saving proton therapies to as many patients as possible.”

Proton therapy is an advanced form of radiation treatment that uses protons to treat cancer. Proton therapy has demonstrated effectiveness in treating tumors near or in vital organs, including the brain, head and neck, spinal cord, breast, and lung. The precise delivery of protons issues less radiation to normal tissues around these sensitive sites while increasing the treatment dose to the target site.

“ProTom International is an ideal fit for  the Behnke Group. They offer an innovative technology with a world-class management team that has years of successful endeavors in the proton space – as well as an ‘A’  list of  customers who expect clinically validated technology that delivers excellent outcomes for patients,” said Bill Behnke, president and CEO of the Behnke Group. “Our top priority will be to maximize ProTom’s position in the marketplace so that more cancer patients in the U.S. and worldwide gain access to their revolutionary proton beam therapies.”