Philips Highlights New Coil for MR-Based Head and Neck Cancer Treatment Planning

By News Release


Philips will highlight its MR-based solutions for tumor delineation including its latest MR-only MRCAT application in Head and Neck on the Philips MR-RT XD platform at the 2023 American Society for Radiation Oncology Annual Meeting.

The company will demonstrate its unique ability to scan brain and Head and Neck patients in the diagnostic coil with the DSPS Prominent thermoplastic mask from MacroMedics, leading to better patient comfort and image quality. Patients also benefit from the experience, via Philips’ In-Bore connect capabilities which allow them to watch a comforting video during their scans. At ASTRO 2023, radiotherapist Dr. Cornelis Raaijmakers of University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht) in the Netherlands will present his department’s latest results using Philips’ MR-based radiotherapy planning and simulation system for treating brain and head and neck cancer patients leveraging these advanced MR technologies.

The company also showcased the Philips Spectral CT 7500, which provides information that can help improve the visibility of a tumor’s boundaries and internal physiology to enhance the accuracy of dose calculation and tumor targeting, helping to reduce the number of scans or modalities needed to plan radiation therapy.