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Peter Gaccione Joins TeamBest Global Companies

By News Release


Peter Gaccione has joined TeamBest Global as Head of Global Business Development. TeamBest Global Companies promote Proactive Healthcare Delivery Systems worldwide, which are focused on transparency of clinical benefits, outcome and cost – using a Total Health Approach through prevention, early detection, and effective treatment for total cure to improve clinical outcomes at reduced cost. TBG and BCF are planning to create a global standard of healthcare delivery system using a hub-and-spoke model, with express and mobile clinics linked to general and super-specialty medical centers.
“Throughout my career, I have enjoyed working with the medical community to empower physicians, physicists, dosimetrists and radiation therapists to strive for better patient outcomes by utilizing innovative technologies. The many clinical products, hardware and software offered by TeamBest Global will be a game changer for not only the medical community worldwide, but for the many patients and families that will benefit from the Total Solutions offered by the TBG companies. I strongly believe TBG has the potential to extend cancer patients’ longevity and quality of life. I’m excited to join TBG,” said Gaccione.
Prior to joining TBG, Gaccione served as President and Head of Sales for Myocardial Solutions Inc. and was a long-time employee of Elekta. During his 23 years at Elekta, he worked in all areas of the Radiation Oncology and Neuroscience business, from sales to marketing to executive management, where he spent his last years as Executive Vice President, North and Latin America and President of Elekta Inc.
Prior to Elekta, he also worked several years at Siemens Medical Systems where he was involved in the capital medical equipment sales and manufacturing sector of Diagnostic Imaging & Therapy, with duties in product management, sales, service, and marketing for North America. During this time Gaccione became very well versed in all products pertaining to patient diagnostic X-ray, imaging (including CT, MR, PET CT, PET and Nuclear Medicine), as well as Radiation Therapy/Radiation Oncology.
Gaccione will report directly to Krishan Suthanthiran, Founder & President of TeamBest Global Companies (TBG), Best Cure Foundation (BCF) and Kitsault Energy (KE).

“I have personally known Peter for over 35 years, and he brings a wealth of knowledge, business experience and contacts to TeamBest Global,” stated Suthanthiran. “Peter will be a great asset to further support the TBG Best Total Medical Solutions approach. Everyone comes to the Best after trying the rest!”