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New Trial Studies Impact of X-PACT System in Solid Tumors

By News Release


Immunolight has received FDA clearance to enter a phase 1 study of its X-ray Psoralen Activated Cancer Treatment (X-PACT) system in patients with breast, melanoma, sarcoma and head and neck cancers. 

The heart of X-PACT is psoralen, a naturally occurring compound that has been successfully used for decades in the treatment of autoimmune disease, skin disorders and certain skin and blood cancers. It has not, however, been able to be used to treat solid tumors due to the fact that UV light, which is needed to activate psoralen, cannot penetrate through tissue to reach the solid tumors. Immunolight has now made that possible.

Immunolight innovated materials that convert tissue penetrating energies, such as low dose X-ray, into UV light inside a solid tumor in the body. The energy converting materials are injected along with psoralen inside the solid tumor, then low dose x-ray energy is applied at the site. The energy converting materials convert the x-ray into UV light which activates the psoralen inside the solid tumor to kill the cancer.

“Transitioning into a clinical stage company represents a significant milestone in the company's history and the potential beginning of a new era in cancer treatment,” said Immunolight founder and CEO, Rick Bourke.

Immunolight developed X-PACT in partnership with Duke University and Duke Medical Center with a team of over 30 scientists, physicians and engineers. 

“Our highest priority has been to translate this amazing science into a paradigm-changing cancer treatment in patients,” Immunolight President Harold Walder said. “We are so excited to get this treatment into the clinic and potentially change patient's lives and transform their treatment outcomes.”