Milestones and Master Plans


Speeches, diplomas, and flowing seas of caps and gowns occur in late spring as medical students around the world celebrate commencement. For those who matched into radiation oncology, we welcome this next generation of radiation oncologists who will build their knowledge and expertise during training and play a vital role in moving this dynamic field forward.

Given ARO’s commitment to education, in particular medical students, we had 14 graduating medical students who worked with ARO’s four Medical Student Committees over the past year, developing skills, building connections, and creating learning opportunities for many. I would like to sincerely thank them for their valuable contributions! Page 32 lists details of where these medical students are headed next.

Speaking of achievement, this month’s Resident Voice editorial, >Opportunities Are Knocking, Are You Listening?reminds us how traversing new trails is not just personally empowering but professionally rewarding. From advocacy to sustainability to mountain climbing in the name of global health, options for meaningful growth abound, beyond what you might imagine. We hope you enjoy this terrific dose of inspiration by Vanderbilt’s Kyra N. McComas, MD, who I am thrilled to also welcome as a regular ARO Insightsblogger. You’ll find her latest blog, Suit Up, We’re Going to Capitol Hill, at

Our June issue also features the CME-accredited review article, Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Brain Metastases: Review of Existing Data and Future Directions, a comprehensive summary of current controversies and active areas of investigation highlighting multiple ongoing clinical trials. A second review, titled Stanford Experience with Commissioning, Quality Assurance and IMRT/SBRT

Treatment of the First Biology-Guided Radiation Therapy Machine, offers a valuable look at the RefleXion X1 PET-based BgRT machine during its first 2 years of clinical use. The article examines advances in the clinical implementation of IMRT/SBRT technologies facilitated by the system’s introduction, and highlights challenges in improving workflow efficiency and validating tracking accuracy.

Among research articles in the issue, Whole-Lung IMRT in Children and Adults with Synovial Sarcoma and Lung Metastases: Single-Institution Prospective Clinical Trial describes a useful study evaluating toxicity and clinical outcomes after cardiac-sparing, whole-lung IMRT in this patient population. In addition, Evaluating the Utility of Webinars on the Radiation Oncology Residency Application Process in the COVID-19 Era presents preliminary outcomes from an ACRO-led webinar series on educating medical students about residency application. The authors explain the usefulness of such a program, particularly amid challenges surrounding the residency application and match process.

Lastly, we present the interesting case report, A Case of Vision Loss From Radiation-Induced Optic Neuropathy Resulting in Charles Bonnet Syndrome, which underscores the need for clinicians to counsel patients about potential late effects of radiation and suggest routine surveillance following treatment.

On the operational front, we are pleased to announce our move this spring to an automated manuscript submission and peer review system, Editorial Manager, to streamline workflow on the front- and back-end of the publishing process. Details are in our Submission Guidelines online, and we look forward to your submissions.

We hope you enjoy the issue and wish you and recent graduates a wonderful summer, one filled with memories and opportunities for personal and professional growth!


Suh JH. Milestones and Master Plans. Appl Radiat Oncol. 2023;(3):3.

July 4, 2023