GE Healthcare Advances Precision Radiation Therapy Solutions

By News Release


GE Healthcare showcased more than 15 innovative multi-modality radiation therapy solutions at the ASTRO 2021 Annual Meeting, offering medical practitioners imaging tools and support they need to improve patient-centered care and advance the practice of precision medicine.

“GE Healthcare aims to drive improved patient outcomes through cutting-edge multi-modality radiation therapy planning and guidance solutions. Our expertise in clinical workflows, deep learning image reconstruction and image segmentation, and precision analytics can help support the delivery of more efficient, precise and personalized care,” said Jan Makela, President & CEO, Imaging at GE Healthcare.

GE Healthcare’s precision radiation oncology technologies provide clinicians with images and information for precise tailoring of treatments.

The company recently announced its collaboration with Vysioneer. Vysioneer’s VBrain solution applies auto-contouring to the three most common types of brain tumors: brain metastasis, meningioma and acoustic neuroma. VBrain demonstrates 12.2% higher sensitivity for lesion detection while decreasing treatment planning time at a median of 30.%. VBrain is vendor-neutral, integrating with different treatment planning systems by supporting data routing to and from DICOM nodes within a hospital network.

The company will integrate Spectronic MedicalAB’s AI-based software, Spectronic Medical Synthetic CT, MR auto-segmentation, for more precise cancer treatment planning. This CE marked and 510(k) pending AI solution, in combination with GE Healthcare’s advanced AIR Recon DL technology, offers a deep learning solution and radiation therapy treatment planning alternative to standard CT images. The combined solution begins with GE Healthcare’s AIR Recon DL, a deep learning image reconstruction technology that leverages raw data from the MR scanner to reduce image noise, maximize image quality and resolution, and shorten scan times. The high-quality MR images generated by the GE scanner are then converted into synthetic CT images by Spectronic Medical’s AI-based solution, providing clinicians with the CT images they need along with MR soft tissue details to more accurately target lesions and help improve patient outcomes.

As a part of their strategic collaboration to improve outcomes for patients, GE Healthcare and Mirada Medical are focusing on advancing automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to enable faster, more consistent and more precise cancer radiotherapy treatment. To do so, the Mirada Medical RTx product has been integrated into the GE Healthcare AW Workstation and AW Server to enable enhanced cancer visualization and diagnostic capabilities. These integrations result in increased automation to deliver improvements in care workflows and help drive efficiency and time savings.

GE Healthcare’s Discovery MI Gen 2 brings together the high sensitivity of digital detection with the company’s CT image reconstruction technology: Deep Learning Image Reconstruction for TrueFidelity CT Images. Generated using a dedicated deep neural network, TrueFidelity CT Images have the potential to improve reading confidence in a wide range of clinical applications such as head, whole body and cardiovascular, for patients across age groups. The system also offers Q.Clear for up to 2x improvement in image quality (SNR), as well as MotionFree for up to 67% improvement in lesion volume measurements.

GE Healthcare’s family of intelligent CT scanners helps clinicians plan treatments to deliver more precise and efficient RT imaging solutions. The powerful Revolution platform is built on the wide-coverage Gemstone Clarity detector, Deep Learning Image Reconstruction and Gemstone Spectral Imaging to deliver superb clarity for optimizing treatment planning and diagnostic images. It empowers clinicians to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive market with scalable solutions that broaden healthcare system capabilities today and tomorrow.

Discovery RT Gen 3 is a wide-bore scanner providing a thorough approach to radiation therapy planning. In addition to providing a streamlined workflow and sub-millimetric images that are effectively free of motion and metal artifacts, the system also allows for simulation across an 80 cm wide bore with 80 cm field of view reconstruction. Discovery RT expands capabilities to also meet specific needs in diagnostic, interventional and bariatric imaging.

Through these and a variety of additional solutions, GE Healthcare aims to further reinforce its role as a core partner in multidisciplinary cancer care and provide increasingly accessible, more precise and high-value radiation therapy.