Fujifilm Showcases Persona CT with UroPartners’ Oncology Center Grand Opening

By News Release


At ASTRO 2021, FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas will showcase its Persona CT with an 85-cm bore that offers advanced oncology simulation and general radiography imaging capabilities. Clinical benefits include a 128-slice image count as compared with an 8- or 16-image slice count of traditional scanners, which helps deliver clear, high-resolution images every time. The system also features Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR), a projection-based reconstruction technique that automatically identifies areas affected by highly attenuating objects and reconstructs improved images for increased clinical confidence. In the coming months, the Persona CT will have a new 1.7 software release and new body-conforming CT biopsy grids to help increase treatment placement accuracy. 

In conjunction with ASTRO, UroPartners, a leading urology practice in Illinois and customer of Fujifilm’s Persona CT, will be hosting the Grand Opening of its oncology center at its Gurnee location on Tuesday, October 26 to show visitors its state-of-the-art oncology center and discuss its success with the Persona CT computed tomography (CT) system for oncology treatment planning. During the meeting, Fujifilm will feature a pre-recorded webinar with Dr. Yashbir Mehta, a radiation oncologist with UroPartners, discussing his experience with change in treatment plans related to CT Simulation improvements in image quality.

 “As the number of new cancer cases increase, it’s critical that care teams have access to advanced radiation oncology solutions to enable a more precise diagnosis and ensure their patients receive accurate treatments in a comfortable environment,” said Rick Banner, Sr. Director of Marketing, FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas. “Leading medical facilities, like UroPartners, look to Fujifilm’s unique radiation oncology offerings to increase patient comfort and enable physicians to see more, to help make accurate target delineation and determine the best treatment plan.”   

The company will also highlight Raysearch Raystation workspace for Treatment Planning workflow and advanced laser technology that ensures extreme precision for radiation oncology, down to the exact pinpoint operation with either Sun Nuclear (Gammex) or LAP laser systems.