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Experts to Discuss the Future of Prostate Cancer Care

By News Release


Telix Pharmaceuticals has launched a five-part video series, featuring leading theranostics experts, on the role of advanced diagnostic imaging in prostate cancer care. PSMA PET/CT Today, hosted by Dr. Neal Shore, Chief Medical Officer of Surgical Oncology and Urology with GenesisCare

and director at Carolina Urologic Research Center, explores the new field of PSMA PET/CT imaging and its potential impact on the future of prostate cancer care.

“This is a truly revolutionary time: Here in the United States, we are amongst the first in the world to have widespread access to PSMA PET imaging, an advanced diagnostic tool which has been included in several key guidelines for prostate cancer and has been clinically proven to detect disease that may not appear in conventional imaging. The PSMA PET/CT Today video series is an important resource to help clinicians learn from experts in the field about this new imaging technique, and its potential to improve patient care and management,” said Dr. Shore.

The series features interviews with:

  • Clint Bahler, Associate Professor of Urology at Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Jeremie Calais, Clinical Research Program Director of the Ahmanson Translational Theranostics Division of the Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology at UCLA School of Medicine
  • Oliver Sartor, Medical Director, Tulane Cancer Center
  • Bridget Koontz, Global Deputy CMO, GenesisCare
  • And Dr. Colin Hayward, Chief Medical Officer at Telix Pharmaceuticals

The series covers a wide range of topics including, access to Gallium-68, clinical experience with PSMA PET/CT imaging and the future of PSMA-targeted therapy.

“While the advent of PSMA PET/CT imaging has been highly anticipated, our goal is to ensure that clinicians – whether they be experts in the field of urology or nuclear medicine – can recommend this tool to patients with complete confidence. The PSMA PET/CT video series along with our comprehensive reader training program is designed to provide clinicians with a thorough suite of tools to deepen their understanding of PSMA PET/CT from its role in clinical management through to scan reading and interpretation,” said Dr. Colin Hayward, Chief Medical Officer at Telix Pharmaceuticals.