Spectrum Dynamics Introduces Digital SPECT/CT for Imaging High Energy Isotopes at EANM

By News Release


At EANM 2022, Spectrum Dynamics announced its new VERITON-CT 400 Series Digital SPECT/CT scanner is capable of imaging high energy isotopes, enabling total body, brain, heart and other imaging applications. The system uses solid-state detector technology in a 360°-CZT based, wide-bore SPECT/CT configuration.

“This truly represents a transformation in how we will image high energy isotopes: with the sensitivity benefits of digital detector technology, advanced reconstruction algorithms and total body coverage in 3D, both patients and clinicians will benefit from this innovation”, said Nathaniel Roth, VP Research and Development and Clinical Research, Spectrum Dynamics.

The VERITON-CT 400 Series features Spectrum Dynamics’ radical design, with its 3600 ring-shaped gantry with 12 swiveling CZT detectors, that revolutionized nuclear medicine imaging industry in 2017. During the scan, the digital detectors automatically follow the patient’s body contour, providing exceptional proximity for increased sensitivity and better image quality.  This design results in three times the volumetric sensitivity for routine 3D hybrid imaging without compromising patients comfort or department workflow.  The scanner is available in 16-slice CT and 64-slice CT configuration enabling localization and attenuation correction for accurate quantification.

“The new VERITON-CT 400 has proved to be advantageous for high-energy tracers. In our nuclear medicine community, the main challenge now is to personalize and adapt targeted treatments to each individual. This requires precise determination of the distribution of delivered doses within the body. The scanner has the potential to do so with high quantitative accuracy and fast scan times to be used for a routine application”, said Professor Pierre-Yves Marie, MD, PhD, Head Department of Nuclear Medicine, University Hospital of Nancy, France.