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New Collaboration Will Explore Radioguided Surgery for Prostate Cancer

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Telix has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with UK-based Lightpoint Medical to explore how the companies’ technologies can be used together for radioguided surgery (RGS) to detect cancer in real-time.

Lightpoint has developed a miniature gamma probe – a device used to detect radiation in patients and guide surgery – which is inserted into a surgical port and can then be controlled by the clinician during the procedure. When used with molecularly targeted imaging agents, Lightpoint’s device enables the intra-operative detection of cancer in real time, supporting greater precision in the removal of tumours.

Telix and Lightpoint will evaluate the use of Telix’s investigational prostate cancer single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) imaging agent TLX599-CDx (99mTc-HYNIC-iPSMA) together with Lightpoint’s SENSEI flexible laparoscopic gamma probe for intra-operative cancer detection. The ultimate objective of the clinical collaboration is to obtain marketing approval for use of TLX599-CDx in RGS, a new indication for prostate cancer.

“Surgeons currently have no reliable way to detect cancer intra-operatively, relying on sight or touch during an operation. As a result, cancer may be left behind or healthy tissue needlessly removed. The powerful combination of SENSEI alongside Telix’s groundbreaking molecularly-targeted imaging agents has the potential to create an extremely precise technique to help surgeons detect cancer that might not otherwise be found during surgery, or conversely, confirm the absence of disease to help surgeons retain healthy, functional tissue. I am extremely excited by the potential of this collaboration to transform surgical outcomes for patients across a range of major cancer types, starting with prostate cancer,” said Lightpoint Medical CEO Graeme Smith.

“Bringing molecular imaging into the operating theatre is a key part of our portfolio strategy for urologic oncology, and the combination of Telix and Lightpoint technologies has potential to transform treatment options for patients with cancer. Together with the IRiS Alliance with Mauna Kea, this collaboration helps to reinforce Telix’s position as a leader in developing advanced surgical technologies using highly targeted imaging techniques,” added Telix CEO Dr. Christian Behrenbruch.