Elekta Launches Comprehensive Software Portfolio at ESTRO 2023

By News Release


Elekta launched the first phase of Elekta ONE, the company’s most comprehensive and advanced software portfolio for oncology departments and clinics, including radiation therapy planning, comprehensive treatment management, and delivery. According to the company, it brings all Elekta software products, solutions and services under one umbrella providing all users with one unified software experience.

Previously, many cancer clinics have wrestled with stand-alone, closed systems, each with a different purpose. The result has been an unfavorable user experience and steep learning curve, adding pressure to an already strained resource: the clinical team. Elekta ONE aims to improve efficiency in the clinic – eventually by as much as 50%, according to company data – through smarter workflows, increased automation, and by learning from every patient treated. Its workflow-driven approach and deep integration between applications allows information to flow freely, giving clinicians a seamless user experience.

Elekta ONE provides an intuitive, robust, and fast auto planning solution, allowing the clinical team to make faster decisions. In addition, it is the first commercially available system to feature proton therapy functionalities such as dynamic arc planning and robust linear energy transfer (LET) optimization.

Gustaf Salford, Elekta’s CEO, said, “Elekta ONE is an integral part of our Access 2025 strategy and our vision of a world where everyone has access to the best cancer care. Combining personalized precision and integrated informatics in a solution that enables elevated productivity, ONE addresses the major clinical and operational pressures facing oncology today and in the future.”

With more automation and integration – along with easier, faster, and more secured access to data and tools – clinicians are now able to provide more personalized treatments for their patients, with less effort.