Elekta, IBA Collaborate to Optimize Quality Assurance Software

By News Release


Elekta and IBA announced a collaborative agreement to optimize quality assurance (QA) software for radiation therapy departments and clinics. Centers using Elekta’s treatment delivery systems will benefit from QA solutions that are designed for these devices by streamlining workflows and improving access to measurement data.

IBA is already a provider of dosimetry QA equipment to radiation therapy clinics using Elekta linear accelerators worldwide. Interoperability of the systems is well-established, and the collaboration will make it possible to further develop integrated solutions to the benefit of Elekta patients.

Maurits Wolleswinkel, Chief Product Officer at Elekta, said: “With this agreement, IBA will provide dosimetric QA solutions, fully interoperable with Elekta treatment delivery systems, so our customers can be sure that the devices supplied work with our systems to yield enhanced data analytics. Elekta customers will benefit from this agreement by receiving a streamlined QA solution in a one-stop shop.”

Jean-Marc Bothy, President of IBA Dosimetry, said: “This is a great chance to simultaneously provide independent and integrated quality assurance. We are dedicated to delivering customer-first service, meaningful innovation and flexible solutions that are easy to use for our global customer base. Together with Elekta, we will work on future solutions to continuously improve the combination of treatment and independent quality assurance.”