Developments in Head and Neck Cancer Treatment


Welcome to the March 2021 issue of ARO! This month’s focus is head and neck cancer (HNC), and we are pleased to kick off the issue with a well-written and timely article, Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Head and Neck Radiation Therapy. Approved for SA-CME credit, this review delves beyond auto-segmentation to examine the application and clinical impact of AI in dose calculation, adaptive radiation therapy, outcome prediction, quality assurance and more. Better understanding these fundamental concepts will help clinicians maximize the power of machine and deep learning capabilities as AI rapidly advances across numerous specialty areas and fields of medicine, in particular radiation oncology.

Among research presented in the issue, Proliferation Saturation Index (PSI) to Characterize Response to Radiation Therapy and Evaluate Altered Fractionation in Head and Neck Cancer discusses an innovative approach toward personalized radiation treatment. Here, the authors show that the PSI model can simulate HNC patient-specific responses to RT and ultimately help identify which patients may most benefit from radiation treatments.

We also present Upfront Surgery With Adjuvant Radiation Therapy Versus Chemoradiation in HPV-Mediated Oropharyngeal Cancer in Intermediate-Risk Patients: A Multi-Institutional Review. This informative study underscores the importance of examining a wider range of risks and toxicities when determining primary treatment, especially as more radiation oncologists begin to cautiously consider de-escalated therapy strategies.

Beyond the scope of HNC treatment, we are proud to present a terrific SA-CME accredited review on minimizing anxiety and sedation in pediatric oncology patients, a Technology Trends article summarizing updates in heavy particle ion therapy, the Resident Voice editorial urging development in the essential areas of leadership and advocacy, and noteworthy research findings on how prostate stereotactic body radiation therapy with simultaneous moderate dose escalation to the dominant intraprostatic lesion is feasible.

Ten Years Strong

This issue also marks the journal’s 10th year in publication, a milestone we celebrate with immense pride and gratitude. While our mission remains the same – to provide practical applications for the management and treatment of cancer patients – we have evolved in many ways since our inception to better serve you. Highlights include the introduction of original research articles in the journal, free SA-CME credits, webinars, ARRO Resident Voice editorials, monthly enewsletters (soon to be biweekly), exponential social media growth, the transition to a robust double-blind peer review process, our ever-growing panel of expert reviewers, and a talented, dedicated editorial advisory board that has doubled in size.

We are tremendously thankful to all those who have supported ARO and contributed to our growth over the last decade and look forward to a better 2021, especially as more of us receive our COVID-19 vaccines. Please stay healthy and safe.


Suh JH. Developments in Head and Neck Cancer Treatment. Appl Radiat Oncol. 2021;(1):4.

March 30, 2021