Actinium, Astellas Collaborate on Actinium-225 Based Targeted Radiotherapies

By News Release


Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has announced the research collaboration with Astellas Pharma Inc. to develop novel targeted radiotherapies using its Antibody Warhead Enabling (AWE) technology platform. Under this agreement, Actinium will utilize its AWE Platform technology to develop and characterize selected Astellas targeting agents labeled with the potent alpha-emitting radioisotope Actinium-225 (Ac-225). This collaboration is a component of Astellas' internal initiative to develop theranostics as part of its Rx+ ® business.

"We are excited to execute on this research collaboration with Astellas, a global leader at the forefront of healthcare innovation," stated Dr. Dale Ludwig, Chief Scientific and Technology Officer of Actinium. "Targeted radiotherapy has a highly differentiated mechanism of action with the potential to address multiple disease indications and therefore has been an area of significant exploration and investment of late  Through our AWE technology platform, we are able to bring our significant know-how in working with Actinium-225, as well as our robust clinical experience with targeted radiotherapies and supply chain to bear in this collaboration.  With our enhanced laboratory capabilities and the expertise of our R&D team, we are well positioned to execute on this collaboration with Astellas as well as our own R&D strategy, to complement our Iomab-B and Actimab-A clinical programs."

The intellectual property encompassing Actinium's AWE technology platform covers its gold standard linker technology, methods of ARC manufacture in addition to methods of use for ARCs in multiple diseases, including indication, dose and scheduling, radionuclide warhead, and therapeutic combinations.  Actinium's AWE technology patent portfolio includes 30 patent families comprised of over 135 issued or pending global patent applications, of which 10 are issued and 24 pending in the United States.

Sandesh Seth, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Actinium, added, "Through our development efforts, Actinium has established itself as a leader in the field of Actinium-225 based targeted radiotherapies. We have amassed the most experience treating patients with Actinium-225 via our CD33 program's several Actimab-A trials and have gained important insights in developing targeted radiotherapies through the execution of the Actimab-A and also SIERRA Phase 3 pivotal trial for our lead asset, Iomab-B. This expertise and experience with radiopharmaceuticals has been invaluable to us and we believe will also be to Astellas in this collaboration.  As Iomab-B and Actimab-A advance in the clinic with multiple clinical milestones upcoming from each of our trials, we look forward to executing this collaboration and furthering the field of targeted radiotherapy with Astellas."