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Stryker Receives FDA Clearance for Bone Tumor Ablation System

By News Release


The US FDA has cleared the OptaBlate bone tumor ablation system from Stryker, expanding the company’s interventional spine portfolio of vertebral augmentation and radiofrequency ablation treatment options for metastatic vertebral body fractures.

"Stryker's new bone tumor ablation (BTA) system is a significant improvement on existing technology and builds on Stryker's IVS portfolio," said Dr. Anthony Brown, a Vascular and Interventional Radiologist at Radiology Imaging Associates, CO. "There is no more deserving patient population for our attention and intervention; OptaBlate will change lives."

As Stryker's first Interventional Oncology technology, OptaBlate optimizes all aspects of the procedure—from set-up to ablation. Featuring four probes and Stryker's unique and patented microinfusion technology, OptaBlate allows physicians to easily customize their procedure and reduce ablation time by three minutes, according to the company.

Specific key features of the system include the treatment of two vertebral body levels at once using a bipedicular approach; quicker, more consistent ablation; and microinfusion technology, to keep the zone hydrated, reducing impedance errors and preventing charring.

"Our commitment to our customers and understanding their needs has never been stronger. The collaboration has helped us to develop a more efficient bone tumor ablation system to address their unmet needs," said Greg Siller, Vice President and General Manager, Interventional Spine business, Stryker. "OptaBlate will help our customers provide another treatment option for those suffering from painful metastatic cancer, and this is just the beginning."