Partnership Will Manufacture and Distribute Targeted Copper Theranostics in US

By News Release


Clarity Pharmaceuticals and Evergreen Theragnostics will enter a Targeted Copper Theranostics (TCTs) manufacturing agreement for Clarity's US clinical trials. Evergreen will centrally manufacture and distribute a range of ready-to-use cGMP TCTs for Clarity's expanding clinical programs across the US from its new state-of-the-art facility in Springfield, New Jersey. These include:

  • Cu-67 SARTATE for Clarity's theranostic neuroblastoma study which is currently underway at multiple sites across the US (NCT04023331); and
  • Cu-64 SAR-Bombesin for Clarity's upcoming clinical trials for this pan-cancer product in the US.

The proximity of the manufacturing facility to major transportation hubs and the optimal half-lives of Cu-64 and Cu-67 will enable Evergreen to efficiently distribute TCTs to hospitals across North America as well as reach European markets.

“We look forward to working together with Evergreen on Clarity's products for our ongoing US-based clinical trial in neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer, and our highly anticipated clinical trial of our diagnostic pan-cancer product SAR-Bombesin in the US,” said Dr. Alan Taylor, Clarity Executive Chairman. “Clarity's TCT products hold great promise in the field of radiopharmaceuticals, including manufacturing, logistical and clinical benefits, underlying the key advantage of getting ready-to-use products to patients wherever they are located. The manufacturing agreement with Evergreen in the Springfield facility enables Clarity to take advantage of those benefits and strengthens our existing TCT manufacturing footprint in North America to ensure seamless clinical trial supply, reinforcing our focus on the US regulatory pathway for our TCT products as we head towards our ultimate goal of better treating children and adults with cancer.”

“We are pleased to be working together with Clarity on the manufacturing and supply of the TCT platform of products, helping Clarity to pave the way for the broader use of copper-64 and copper-67 based products. This pairing of isotopes is ideally suited for central manufacturing with optimal half-lives for distribution across North America. We look forward to working closely with Clarity and enhancing patient access to these innovative radiopharmaceuticals,” said James Cook, Evergreen CEO.