Foundation Launches Expanded Global Lung Cancer Registry

By News Release


The GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer (GO2 Foundation) launched the improved and expanded Global Lung Cancer Registry as part of its efforts to further advance lung cancer research by uncovering hidden connections between people with lung cancer around the world. An expansion of GO2 Foundation's national registry, the Global Lung Cancer Registry will securely gather information from lung cancer patients across the globe - providing researchers with rich data from which to identify trends that can lead to new and better treatments for people with lung cancer.

"The goal of the Global Lung Cancer Registry is to help researchers connect the dots between people with lung cancer around the world - finding hidden connections and turning them into answers to important questions," said Laurie Fenton Ambrose, GO2 Foundation Co-founder, President & CEO. "And, importantly, the registry allows people impacted by the disease to contribute directly to global research and become a critical part of the effort to find new treatments for their own disease."

New lung cancer therapies exist due to scientific research into the way each person's disease works with or against treatment. From learning about gene changes to improving quality of life for those on treatment, researchers can look for links among patients in the Global Lung Cancer Registry and use that information to develop treatments and even cures.

"Lung cancer can make you feel powerless and out of control of your life, but by being part of the GO2 Foundation Global Lung Cancer Registry, I know I am not only doing something to help myself, but I could be helping other patients all across the world as well," said Evy Schiffman, GO2 Foundation National Ambassador Council member who has been previously diagnosed with lung cancer and also served as a caregiver.

The registry is designed so patients can contribute their individual experiences with lung cancer through confidential survey questions about their medical history and diagnosis, treatment, outcomes, and quality of life. The information collected is completely secure and patients decide who can see their information, how it will be used, and if they want to be contacted by registry staff. The Lung Cancer Registry is now built on the IQVIA Connection platform. IQVIA is a leading global provider of advanced analytics, technology solutions and clinical research services to the life sciences industry, health care providers, and the patient advocacy community.

Through the registry patients can also view de-identified patient data and compare it with their own; receive information about clinical trials and registry studies; connect with researchers and health care providers; advance their understanding about lung cancer; and, use the secure registry for medical record keeping. Since patients can select their preferred language at registration or within their account setting, the registry expects to see a significant increase in global participation.