Varian acquires QA software provider Mobius Medical

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Varian has acquired privately held Mobius Medical Systems, a leader in radiation oncology quality assurance (QA) software. This acquisition expands Varian's leadership in radiation medicine, by increasing its portfolio of patient treatment plan QA and machine QA technologies, and enables the company to potentially impact more patients with software solutions designed to assure the quality of treatments.

The acquisition of Mobius is consistent with Varian's long-term growth and value creation strategy and broadens its cancer care portfolio. The integration of additional QA tools into the Varian ecosystem will allow advanced QA processes to be more seamlessly combined into treatment workflows. Additionally, Varian also can ensure that QA methods advance at the same time as Varian introduces new treatment techniques.

"Varian has a long history of providing high-quality QA for its products and the treatments they deliver," said Kolleen Kennedy, president of Varian's Oncology Systems business. "Varian places high value on the market-leading Mobius QA products, including Mobius3D and DoseLab, and is dedicated to expanding their global reach.”

The Mobius QA software is in use at over 1000 sites worldwide to ensure patients receive high-quality care. Mobius3D is a 3D dose verification and IMRT/VMAT treatment delivery QA system. Mobius3D performs 3D dose verification for patient plans, supports verification checks throughout the entire clinical process for IMRT and VMAT, and includes modular staged testing to reinforce the confidence of the medical physicist in the patient plan and treatment delivery. DoseLab is fast, simple and powerful software for quality assurance of medical linear accelerators.

For more information about the Mobius products that are now part of the Varian cancer care portfolio, visit

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Varian acquires QA software provider Mobius Medical.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| February 05, 2018
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