USCMC cancer centers earn ASTRO APEx accreditation

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The Rohnert Park Cancer Center (RPCC), South Sacramento Cancer Center (SSCC), and Fresno Cancer Center (FCC), all US Cancer Management Corporation (USCMC) Cancer Centers, earned national recognition in October for the quality of cancer care provided to California patients by receiving ASTRO's APEx (Accreditation Program for Excellence) Accreditation.

With less than 5% of cancer centers in the U.S. currently accredited, this is a unique and prestigious honor. The accreditation program, which can take up to a year to complete, focuses specifically on five pillars of patient care: the process of care, the radiation oncology team, safety, quality management, and patient-centered care. "ASTRO commends RPCC, SSCC, and FCC for achieving APEx accreditation. By undergoing this comprehensive review, the facilities demonstrated a strong commitment to deliver safe, high-quality radiation oncology services to their patients," said Theodore L. DeWeese, MD, FASTRO, Chair of the ASTRO Board of Directors.

With these USCMC cancer centers receiving APEx accreditation, community providers and patients alike can be confident that they will receive the highest levels of quality and care when they work with the team or visit the facilities. Jeremy Mann, Chief Operating Officer of USCMC, said, "We are extremely pleased to be awarded APEx accreditation. We are proud of the efforts of all of our staff to provide the absolute pinnacle of care to our patients and are appreciative of the recognition we have received from ASTRO."

What APEx Accreditation Means for Providers and Patients:

  • The cancer center's physicians, policies and procedures, and quality of care successfully met the American Society for Radiation Oncology's highest standards
  • The cancer center makes the patient the center of care and employs advanced methods of ensuring safety
  • The cancer center's medical team and process of care have been validated by trained independent radiation oncology professionals
  • The cancer center is committed to providing the very best in cancer care and is always focused on improving

US Cancer Management Corporation is a healthcare management company currently operating three freestanding Radiation Oncology Cancer Treatment centers in California. Since 2000 USCMC has developed and operated the Rohnert Park Cancer Center, South Sacramento Cancer Center, and Fresno Cancer Center. Operationally USCMC directly manages all facilities, equipment and staff including in-house bioengineering, information technology including in-house software development teams, billing and documentation, as well as clinical staff including radiation oncologists, physicists, dosimetrists, therapists, nurses, medical assistants, and front office staff. Each center within USCMC's network delivers university level care with cutting edge technology including stereotactic body radiotherapy, intensity-modulated radiation therapy, image guided radiation therapy, 3D conformal radiation therapy, CT scanning, and extensive clinical trials involvement / expertise (RTOG). It is USCMC's continued desire to offer the highest level of care, with the most up to date technology within all communities we are currently present.


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USCMC cancer centers earn ASTRO APEx accreditation.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| January 10, 2020
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