RaySearch develops treatment control system, RayCommand

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RaySearch has decided to develop a treatment control system, RayCommand. The first customer will be Advanced Oncotherapy plc (AVO), a UK based developer of next generation proton therapy technology. AVO will use it for the first LIGHT (Linac Image Guided Hadron Technology) system at the proton therapy facility under construction at Harley Street in central London, UK.

RaySearch’s main product today is RayStation, a treatment planning system for radiation therapy. It is used to produce a sequence of settings for the treatment machine, a so-called treatment plan, designed to produce an optimal distribution of dose in a patient, targeting regions with cancer cells and avoiding surrounding tissues. The planning process involves detailed modeling of patient anatomy and treatment machine components in order to accurately predict and optimize the delivered dose distribution.

By the end of 2017, RaySearch released the first version of its oncology information system (OIS), RayCare*. An OIS is used to coordinate all the complex procedures that are involved in a comprehensive cancer treatment regime. This includes handling of diagnostic studies and consultation notes, facilitating tumor board meetings, scheduling of resources, data collection, charge capture and follow-up of treatment outcome. RayCare is designed around patient centric digital workflows that help increase efficiency and quality of care.

Now, RaySearch has decided to develop a treatment control system (TCS), RayCommand. A TCS is the link between the TPS and OIS on one side and the treatment machine on the other. It coordinates and orchestrates the different systems involved, such as the imaging systems, the beam delivery system and the patient support system. This is critical in order to achieve safe and efficient patient treatments. For multi-room proton therapy installation, there is also the extra dimension of coordinating activities between treatment rooms to maximize beam utilization and minimize wait times.

The decision to build a TCS is connected to an order from AVO for its first proton therapy facility. AVO has previously purchased RayStation and RayCare for the facility and has now also ordered RayCommand. This means that this AVO facility will be the first clinic to use an all RaySearch software suite with both TPS, OIS and TCS. Tight integration between these systems will ensure a safe and efficient treatment process. RayCommand will build on the user friendliness and attention to detail in RayStation and RayCare.

Another important aspect of RayCommand will be to enable online adaptive radiation therapy. Support for offline treatment adaptation has been a key feature in RayStation for many years, but clinical implementation together with the other OIS:es on the market was cumbersome, which RayCare overcomes. But for online treatment adaptations, the TCS must also be involved and many existing TCS are not designed for this. RaySearch is confident that RayCare, RayStation and RayCommand will provide an overall user experience of the highest standards.

Nicolas Serandour, CEO AVO, says: “RayStation was the obvious choice for TPS to complement our advanced particle therapy treatment technology. It is also clear to us that RayCare represents the next generation in the OIS field. Likewise, for TCS, we wished to offer a next generation system to take full advantage of the LIGHT capabilities. We are pleased that RaySearch decided to move into this field and work together with us to create a fully integrated solution with our technology. The unified TPS-OIS-TCS-LIGHT chain is expected to bring the prospect of truly personalized medicine to our proton therapy installations.”

Johan Löf, CEO RaySearch, says: "We are all on the same side in the fight against cancer and it is by working together in an environment with both competitors and partners that we can achieve the most. By introducing RayCommand, an open and independent TCS, we can enable more vendors to provide best in class solutions for the treatment room. AVO is an excellent example of such a vendor and we are excited to work together with them to advance cancer treatment.”

The order value for RayCommand is 3,6 MEUR and is anticipated to generate revenues of circa 1,8 MEUR within the next 12 months and the remaining part within 36 months.

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RaySearch develops treatment control system, RayCommand.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| December 19, 2018
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