Philips, MIM Software collaborate to improve radiation therapy treatment planning

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Philips has announced a collaboration with imaging solutions provider MIM Software Inc. to improve radiation therapy treatment planning. With its integrated portfolio of CT and MR imaging systems and intelligent treatment planning software, Philips supports clinicians in making confident therapy decisions. MIM Software provides practical imaging, automation, and data analysis solutions to radiation therapy clinics worldwide. 

By collaborating to integrate their radiation oncology solutions, Philips and MIM Software will enable clinicians to benefit from a more streamlined approach to treatment planning across the two companies’ leading portfolios. 

Philips recently unveiled its new radiation oncology portfolio, including its new Big Bore RT and Ingenia Ambition/Elition MR-RT imaging systems and Pinnacle Evolution treatment planning software. The new portfolio represents a significant step forward in supporting improved care, accelerated time to treatment and enhanced patient satisfaction. 

MIM Maestro®, MIM Software’s flagship radiation oncology package, provides a comprehensive set of oncology solutions to automate the clinical workflow including image registration, auto-contouring and dose evaluation.

Partnering for integrated imaging, planning and treatment

Philips’ strong partnerships across imaging, planning and treatment support increased precision and clinical confidence to help clinicians deliver the best possible care. In early 2018, Philips announced that it is collaborating with Sun Nuclear to integrate its suite of PlanIQ™ software into its Pinnacle treatment planning platform. Later in the year at the American Society for Radiation Oncology’s 60th Annual Meeting and Exhibition, Philips announced an agreement with Lifeline Software Inc. to utilize its fully automated independent dose verification technology. This most recent partnership with MIM Software will further bolster Philips’ ability to provide a comprehensive portfolio of radiation treatment planning solutions.

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Philips, MIM Software collaborate to improve radiation therapy treatment planning.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| January 31, 2019
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