First hospitals gain intersystem connectivity across Accuray radiation therapy platforms

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Accuray Incorporated has announced that the Heidelberg University Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany, and Oscar Lambret Cancer Center in Lille, France, are the first to connect both their Accuray CyberKnife and Tomotherapy platforms to the iDMS Data Management System. The two facilities are now able to benefit from a centralized database that shares and makes data accessible across the radiation therapy treatment delivery platforms, adding flexibility and improving efficiency in their radiation therapy departments.

The iDMS System allows for the seamless integration of a wide range of technologies including the Radixact, TomoTherapy and CyberKnife Systems, Accuray Precision Treatment Planning System (TPS), and third-party treatment planning and oncology information systems (OIS). As a result, clinicians can leverage the technology and data they need to optimize each patient treatment.

"Heidelberg is an extremely busy hospital, treating more than 4,500 cancer patients per year. We require radiation therapy technology that can keep pace with the demands of our facility and enable us to deliver precise radiation to any tumor in the shortest amount of time possible," said Jürgen Peter Debus, MD, PhD, medical director of the Department of Radiation Oncology and Radiation Therapy at Heidelberg University Hospital. "The integration of the Accuray radiation therapy and treatment planning systems with the iDMS System helps us do just that. Treatment planning is now faster, reducing overall treatment time, without sacrificing quality and we can easily transfer patients between systems so we don't risk downtime."

iDMS System Integration Benefits
The centralized platform for storing and managing all patient and treatment plan data provides the clinical team with numerous benefits including:

  • Seamless treatment of patients on different compatible Accuray delivery systems while maintaining a single treatment record, simplifying and personalizing patient treatment
  • Quick access to previously treated patient files, reducing treatment time
  • Remote review and authorization of treatment plans with PlanTouch, enhancing flexibility
  • Interfaces with compatible third-party OIS, providing efficient department integration
  • Customizable generation of patient, plan and system reports, supporting practice needs
  • State-of-the-art disaster recovery features, ensuring data integrity

"Radiotherapy is a key component of our multidisciplinary approach to treating cancer. With the installation of the iDMS Data Management System we have the flexibility to treat patients using either our TomoTherapy Systems or our new CyberKnife M6 System, while maintaining one patient record. This simplifies and speeds up the entire treatment process, while enabling us to adapt how we choose to deliver the radiation treatment at each session based on the needs of the patient," said Xavier Mirabel, MD, head of the Department of Radiation Oncology and Brachytherapy, Oscar Lambret Cancer Center.

"One of our main goals in developing the iDMS System was to create an exceptional patient treatment delivery experience. The real-world results shared by the Heidelberg and Lille teams demonstrate we are on our way to achieving this goal," said Lionel Hadjadjeba, MD, senior vice president and chief commercial officer at Accuray. "By providing customers with a single point of control for managing multiple, different Accuray radiation therapy platforms, and the seamless connection of systems and data, we are making it easier to provide patients with the best possible treatment at each stage of their cancer treatment journey."

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First hospitals gain intersystem connectivity across Accuray radiation therapy platforms.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| December 18, 2017
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