Nov. 14 symposium to discuss ViewRay MR-guided RT

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Clinicians interested in learning more about MRI-guided radiation therapy can attend a day-long symposium on Thursday, November 14, 2019 in Rome to understand the strategic, economic, clinical and technical aspects of starting an MR-image guided radiation therapy program. The Symposium will feature presentations from various experts in MRI-guided radiation therapy and an update on the Health Economics in Radiation Oncology Project (HERO), titled "Access to Innovative Radiotherapy: How to Make it Happen from an Economic Perspective," given by co-chair and past president of the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO), Professor Yolande Lievens.

MRI-guided radiation therapy combines magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with radiation delivery to bring soft-tissue visibility to the treatment of cancer. ViewRay's MRIdian became the world's first MRI-guided radiation therapy system with patient treatments commencing in 2014. With five years of clinical usage, MRIdian represents a new paradigm in radiation oncology allowing clinicians to visualize, adapt, and target using diagnostic-quality anatomical detail that's simply unavailable with conventional IGRT technologies.

The Symposium, titled "Five Years & Counting: Clinical Experience on MRIdian," will cover current and future applications for MRI-guided radiation therapy including on-table adaptive therapy and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). Presentations will also cover physics considerations, functional imaging, ongoing studies and recent clinical findings. The event will conclude with a tour of the MRIdian MRI-guided Radiation Therapy System at Gemelli ART.

"We look forward to welcoming clinicians from around the world to Rome to learn more about the ground-breaking role of MRI-guided radiation therapy in improving cancer care," said Professor Vincenzo Valentini, M.D., Professor of Radiation Oncology and Chair of the Radiology, Radiation Oncology and Hematology Department at the Gemelli ART, Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A.Gemelli IRCCS  in Rome. "We're bringing together some of the field's foremost experts to discuss all facets of MRI-guided radiation therapy from the economics and implementation to quality assurance and clinical use. In a single day, attendees will gather all the information, answers and best practices they'd need in order to successfully launch an MRI-guided radiation therapy program."

Presentations featured in the Symposium agenda include:

  • Welcome Remarks

    Vincenzo Valentini, M.D., Gemelli ART, Rome, Italy

  • MR-Guided RT Primer (The MRIdian Advantage)

    Martin Fuss, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, ViewRay

  • Considerations and Challenges of MR-Guided RT (Physics)

    Kristian Boye Ph.D., Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • On-Table Adaptive MR Image-Guided RT: Considerations for QA

    Lorenzo Placidi, medical physicist, Gemelli ART, Rome, Italy

  • MR-Guided Renal Cell Cancer SBRT

    Anna Bruynzeel, M.D., Ph.D., Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands

  • Clinical Studies/Clinical Research Overview

    Paul Strong, Ph.D., Senior Director, Medical Affairs, ViewRay

  • Access to Innovative Radiotherapy: How to Make it Happen from an Economic Perspective

    Yolande Lievens, M.D., Ph.D., Ghent University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium, ESTRO-HERO

  • On-Table Adaptive MR-Guided SBRT: Clinical Experience at Gemelli

    Luca Boldrini, M.D., Gemelli ART, Rome, Italy

  • Decision Making Process Towards MRIdian

    Pascal Fenoglietto, M.D., Institut du Cancer Montpellier (ICM)

  • MR-Guided SBRT, Results Phase 2: Prostate SMART study (Amsterdam UMC Experience)

    Frank Lagerwaard, M.D., Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands

  • Closing Remarks

    Piercarlo Gentile, M.D., San Pietro Fatebenefratelli UPMC, Rome, Italy

For more information or to register for the symposium please visit Please note, this event is intended for medical professionals only, including radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiation therapists and hospital administrators. 

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Nov. 14 symposium to discuss ViewRay MR-guided RT.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| October 25, 2019
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