Elekta Transfers Ownership of Patient Positioning Activities

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Elekta has signed an agreement to transfer ownership of its German legal entity, Medical Intelligence Medizintechnik GmbH (MI), through a share sale to the 3C-Medizintechnik GmbH. MI has been responsible for developing Elekta’s patient positioning and immobilization solutions since 2005.3C-Medizintechnik GmbH belongs to a German-based group of high technology companies, named 3C-Carbon Group AG (3C), with a focus on engineering and producing modern lightweight structures. 3C is a leader in the field of high-tech fiber composite structures for the automotive, mechanical engineering, medical technology and aerospace sectors. It has been the key supplier of carbon parts and the current generation of tabletops on Elekta’s linear accelerators.

Maurits Wolleswinkel, (pictured above) President Linac Solutions, says: “Elekta and 3C have had a long-standing partnership. It has been a key supplier to Elekta and with their superior design and engineering skills, we are laying a foundation for a more intense partnership towards the future. The new partnership allows Elekta to further focus on our core competency as system integrator of innovative radiation therapy solutions based on a network of supply partners.”

Karsten Jerschke, founder and Managing Director of 3C, says: “Our success is based on long-term relationships with our customers and uncompromised commitment to product quality. Our medtech customers require nothing less than perfection in their clinics and we expect to further strengthen this commitment by welcoming 55 new colleagues from Elekta’s MI business.”

With the transaction, Elekta enters into a global supply and distribution agreement with MI for its current medical device product portfolio. All employees at the MI product supply center in Schwabmünchen, Germany will transfer, with the company, to 3C.

The transaction was closed in the beginning of the first quarter of Elekta’s fiscal year 2020/21. No material effect is expected on Elekta’s operating results of the first quarter of fiscal year 2020/21. Further financial details of the transaction were not disclosed

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Elekta Transfers Ownership of Patient Positioning Activities .  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| May 04, 2020
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