Elekta, RTsafe partner for delivery of safe, efficient stereotactic cancer treatments

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Elekta and RTsafe have entered into an agreement under which Elekta will be the distributor of innovative, 3D printed PseudoPatient phantoms and remote dosimetry services.

Linac-based stereotactic radiosurgery/radiotherapy (SRS/SRT) offers significant benefits to patients and Elekta has the best tools to deliver these precise treatments, according to a company press release. As the demand for stereotactic treatments increases, so does the customer’s desire for high-end solutions to provide those treatments. RTsafe simplifies the implementation of very complex therapeutic treatment techniques with its solution.

RTsafe’s approach is an important advancement for enabling effective quality assurance (QA) across the complete SRS/SRT continuum using Elekta’s Versa HD systems with High definition dynamic radiosurgery (HDRS). This is particularly important for high-dose, highly focused stereotactic techniques that demand extreme accuracy in all phases of treatment delivery, from patient set up to image guidance and radiation delivery to the patient. The absence of an end-to-end stereotactic confidence service has been a key barrier to broader adoption and clinical implementation of SRS and SRT, despite the clear benefits that these approaches can provide to patients with a variety of cranial indications, including brain metastases.

“Elekta’s partnership with RTsafe is another example of our strategy to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of accurate QA processes that enable a broad array of customers to safely deploy High-definition dynamic radiosurgery (HDRS),” said Maurits Wolleswinkel, Head of Portfolio and Chief Strategy Officer at Elekta. “High-dose, linac-based SRS and SRT can improve patient outcomes. We want to increase patient access to these cutting-edge therapies. RTsafe’s technology should make it easier for smaller and non-academic care centers to confidently implement Elekta’s HDRS solution, allowing more patients access to precision radiation medicine.” 

RTsafe has developed high-fidelity Reference PseudoPatient 3D printed head phantoms true-to-life reproduction of human anatomy, enabling customers to perform quality assurance end-to-end testing of their SRS/SRT systems with a high level of precision and accuracy. The whole service instills confidence in SRS clinical use, achieving optimal treatment efficiency and patient safety.

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Elekta, RTsafe partner for delivery of safe, efficient stereotactic cancer treatments.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| March 25, 2019

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