Elekta earns CE mark approval for ProKnow cloud-based storage, retrieval software

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Elekta announced April 15 that it has received CE mark approval for its ProKnow cloud-based retrieval and storage software, which features interactive viewers and big data analytics specifically designed for the radiation therapy workflow. With vendor-neutral ProKnow, any radiation therapy department can securely upload massive volumes of data to ProKnow’s cloud server for storage, distributed contouring, plan evaluation and peer review, analysis of key metrics – including outcomes – technique evaluations and intra- and inter-institutional collaborations.

ProKnow, the only commercial product in its class, provides instant access to data via the internet without requiring any additional hardware, facilitating a remote and distributed workforce with data retrieval, plan approval and peer review available from anywhere. Centers can analyze individual patients or patient cohorts.

For individual patients, ProKnow offers:

  • Unlimited data storage, engagement and retrieval of imaging and radiation treatment plan data, in addition to support for all planning and treatment modalities
  • Distributed contouring, for serving a remote workforce and freeing radiotherapy staff from conventional workstations and licenses
  • Web-based plan evaluation and peer review, giving centers the ability to access and interact with data across a network of users
  • Automated metrics and performance scorecards that drive standardization and remove unwanted variation
  • Custom metrics that allow users to define, then track, key metrics such as local control, survival or side effects, enabling analysis of statistical correlations
  • Big data analytics that allow staff to compare an individual patient’s results against groups of similar patients

“Ease of use and accessibility are key advantages of ProKnow,” says Maurits Wolleswinkel, President of Elekta’s Linac Solutions. “The application has an intuitive user interface, innovative tools and instantaneous access to cloud-based data for multiple users working from any location. ProKnow directly addresses centers’ need for data management, analytics and workflow automation across their oncology networks.

Elekta acquired ProKnow Systems, LLC in August 2019. ProKnow received US FDA 510(k) premarket clearance in January 2020.

*Commercial availability of ProKnow currently limited to countries that accept user documentation in English.

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Elekta earns CE mark approval for ProKnow cloud-based storage, retrieval software.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| April 15, 2020
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