Cork University Hospital acquires Elekta cancer treatment solutions

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Elekta has announced that Cork University Hospital has ordered five Elekta Versa HD linear accelerators, as well as Elekta’s Monaco treatment planning system, MOSAIQ oncology information system, and brachytherapy equipment, providing an integrated solution for advanced cancer treatment.

Versa HD is designed to improve cancer patient care by combining high definition dynamic radiosurgery treatments and precision radiotherapy in a single platform. Versa HD provides the flexibility to treat a broad spectrum of tumors throughout the body, while enabling treatment of highly complex cancers that require extreme targeting precision.

Dr. Paul Kelly, radiation oncologist at Cork University Hospital, said: “The new Elekta equipment will help us achieve optimal outcomes for our cancer patients by consistently applying best practices in patient care and treatment. The hardware and software together offer Cork University Hospital a solution that provides the flexibility to meet ongoing changing requirements in areas that include service design, increasing demand, clinical and technological innovation.”

Steve Tomkins, Elekta’s Business Unit Manager for UK, Ireland and Nordics added: “According to the Irish Cancer Society, an average of 40,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year in the country. However, more than 165,000 people are living with cancer as a chronic disease thanks to treatments such as radiation therapy. Elekta is honored to play a significant role in improving and saving the lives of cancer patients in Ireland and in Cork particularly.”

The equipment was acquired through Ireland’s National Plan for Radiation Oncology (NPRO), and will replace the installed base of systems. All solutions were booked in the fourth quarter of Elekta’s 2017/18 fiscal year and first deliveries are scheduled for early 2019.

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Cork University Hospital acquires Elekta cancer treatment solutions.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| July 10, 2018
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