ASTRO' 19: Exhibitor preview of ASTRO corporate members

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CDR Systems

Calgary, AB CDR Systems' newest innovation, PowerWEDGETM transforms the traditional patient setup for patients that struggle laying flat on their back. Designed from the collaborative feedback of challenges maintaining patient comfort without compromising the accuracy of inter and intra patient positioning, the PowerWEDGETM provides a solution. This new all-in-one medical device enhances patient comfort and setup precision, offered with 8 additional module attachments the PowerWEDGETM can be tailored for a wide range of treatment needs including: cranial stereotactic (SRS), body stereotactic (SBRT), head and neck, breast, lung, liver, spine and pelvic treatments. Find out more at

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Teledyne e2v

Teledyne e2v is expert at delivering microwaves. With over 60 years' experience designing and developing world-leading microwave products for the medical industry, we understand that a radiotherapy platform's performance depends as much on its overall design as it does on the components inside. With this combination of expertise and experience, Teledyne e2v is able to offer a complete RF sub-system for radiotherapy to deliver optimal performance and will be exhibiting this capability at ASTRO.

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PTW North America

At 2019 ASTRO, booth 1724, PTW will exhibit its full range of dosimetry solutions for acceptance, commissioning, beam data acquisition and patient-specific QA for the latest radiotherapy technologies. Click here to learn about featured PTW products like the BEAMSCAN® 3D water phantom, now available for the Halcyon system.

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Xcision Medical Systems

The GammaPod delivers a full course of noninvasive Stereotactic Partial Breast Irradiation (S-PBI) for patients with localized breast cancer in 1 to 5 fractions. The system was built to provide high quality, more efficient treatments while maintaining high levels of patient satisfaction. With the shift to episode-based payments, providers have a new option for managing this high-volume patient population while controlling costs. Please contact Steve Rubenstein, VP of Marketing, at 443-681-7463 or to arrange interviews with the lead radiation oncologists using GammaPod at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore and UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

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RefleXion Medical

RefleXion Medical will highlight its biology-guided radiotherapy (BgRT)* platform (in booth #4209), the first to utilize the biology of cancer itself to guide radiotherapy, even in moving tumors. RefleXion will host educational events with industry thought leaders, including a panel discussion about combining BgRT with drug therapy for metastatic disease. RefleXion's novel approach offers a significant change in strategy from single tumor therapy to the ability to one day treat multiple targets in cancers that have metastasized in the same session. *The RefleXion Machine requires 510(k) clearance.

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ProTom International

ProTom International has designed the Radiance 330® to be compact and customizable allowing us to install in any location customers require. Our synchrotron technology can deliver up to 330 MeV energy protons, with low secondary neutrons and scatter radiation, which lowers the unwanted radiation to the patient, and makes proton imaging possible. Combined with fast ROI, the precision of pencil beam scanning and the power of integrated imaging, Radiance 330® is the choice for proton therapy technology. Visit our website for more information, or meet our team at booth #4424.

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Accuray will showcase its exclusive motion synchronization technology Synchrony®, now available for both the CyberKnife® and Radixact® Systems, and its CyberKnife VOLO™ Optimizer. Synchrony is the only technology that uses continual image guidance to automatically adjust the movement of the beam in synchronization with the movement of the target volume, while the patient breathes naturally. Synchrony for Radixact will be unveiled on September 15th, 11:00am CT, Accuray booth (#3405). The CyberKnife VOLO Optimizer enables physicians to significantly improve operational efficiency by reducing the time to create high quality treatment plans and the time it takes to deliver patient treatments.

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Sensus Healthcare

Sensus Healthcare is excited to introduce Sculptura™, a Directional Beam, Image Guided Radiotherapy System. Sculptura™ utilizes state-of-the-art, patented technology such as Beam Sculpting™, and advanced features that set it apart from any other system in the oncology discipline. The platform was designed with a strong focus on patient quality of life, while optimizing clinical innovation and efficacy. For more information make sure to visit our website and stop by our booth #4219 at ASTRO.

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MIM Software

MIM Software will demonstrate MIM SureCalc™ MonteCarlo, which provides next-generation plan second check QA and adaptive therapy assessment with ART Assist™. Developed in partnership with Radialogica, MIM SureCalc MonteCarlo utilizes an advanced Monte Carlo algorithm powered by SciMoCa™. This algorithm is the gold standard for dose calculation accuracy and provides superior speed with 3D volumetric calculation, often in less than a minute. Using ART Assist, you can calculate dose on daily images using MIM's image processing techniques to create a daily pseudo-CT. For more information, visit MIM Software in booth 1042 or

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TAE Life Sciences

TAE Life Sciences is developing a new cellular-targeted radiation therapy, based on Boron-Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) that uniquely attacks tumor cells with biophysical precision. BNCT combines boron-10 in a targeting drug that naturally embeds within fast-growing cancer cells and then irradiates tumor with a low-energy, epithermal neutron beam. BNCT high-LET destroys cancer within the confines of the boron-laden cells while sparing adjacent healthy tissue, usually after one or two treatments. BNCT has shown compelling research results on some of the most challenging and refractory cancers. TAE Life Sciences Neutron Beam System will be installed in Xiamen, China later this year.

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Radiation Business Solutions

While many rural cancer centers are struggling, our rural cancer centers (two in Alaska, one in Oklahoma and one under construction in Oregon) are thriving. Radiation Business Solutions and our sister company, RBS Evolution, bring life-saving cancer treatments to patients in underserved areas of the U.S. Without our centers, many patients would have to travel long distances for care or, in many cases, would forego treatment.

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Sun Nuclear

Automate Plan Quality Verification with PlanCHECK™ from Sun Nuclear: Plan checking often requires significant expertise and time to ensure treatment plans are created as intended. PlanCHECK™, the latest advancement of the SunCHECK™ Patient workflow, eases the burden of performing checks. It automatically loads data from Eclipse™ and other DICOM-compliant TPSs. It's designed to: compare dose/volume metrics to user-defined constraints, verify treatment and non-treatment beams, validate image and contour data, and enable comparison of multiple plans. Join Sun Nuclear in ASTRO Booths 2624 and 3415 to preview new and featured products, and attend in-booth presentations and live group SunCHECK™ demonstrations.

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Orfit Industries

Orfit Industries announces it has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its third generation breast, lung board and leg positioning set of The AIO Solution® which is now widely available to the North American market. The AIO Solution® facilitates and refines cancer treatment by limiting potential changes in the patient's position to an absolute minimum. With one base plate, four cushion sets and a variety of thermoplastic masks all parts of the human body can be positioned and immobilized for an even more user-friendly, patient-friendly and efficient radiation therapy treatment that assures healing in comfort. Visit or contact us.

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Novocure will have 27 presentations at ASTRO, including four oral presentations, with highlights including a subgroup analysis of the STELLAR trial by radiological response patterns in malignant pleural mesothelioma and the first presentation of in vitro data combining treatment with Tumor Treating Fields and chemotherapy in gastric cancer. Novocure is excited to continue our partnership with the radiation oncology community to help establish Tumor Treating Fields as an important treatment for solid tumors. Novocure's collaboration with ASTRO remains a priority as we explore opportunities to incorporate Optune into clinical practice today and in the future with other indications.

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ScandiDos, in collaboration with the University of Utrecht, which is also the founding inventor of the MR-linac and Elekta's partner, has developed a new version of Delta4 Phantom+ for use in magnetic fields. The new pre-treatment system, Delta4 Phantom+ MR, enables high-quality quality assurance during treatment with MR-linacs. MR-linacs allows radiation therapy while visualizing the patient's anatomy with a MR camera. The brand new Delta4 Phantom+ MR is adapted to be fully compatible with existing MR-linacs and has been released to the world. Visit us at booth #3842 to learn more! (Link:

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More Patients. More Proof. More Promise. ViewRay's MRIdian simultaneously images and treats patients using MRI to guide, adapt, and reshape treatments while the patient is on-table. MRIdian is the only system with real-time tissue tracking, automatic beam gating, and the ability to complete on-table treatment plan re-optimization. This precision enables confident dose escalation and fraction reduction to improve patient outcomes and minimize toxicity. As the industry's first MR-guided radiation therapy system, MRIdian is backed by more than five years of clinical use, 5,000+ patients treated, and nearly 100 peer-reviewed journal articles. Currently, 28 MRIdian systems are installed across 15 countries worldwide. 

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Vision RT

Vision RT Launches New Patient Website – Vision RT has launched a new patient website which educates left breast cancer radiation therapy patients about potential side effects to the heart and shares new technological advances that can minimize the risk. Radiation exposure to the heart can cause long-term side effects such as strokes and heart attacks. A recent study suggests that AlignRT® + Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) can help prevent radiation-induced abnormalities in blood flow to the heart. Learn more at

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Radformation specializes in intelligent automation in cancer care. Our solutions will save you time, eliminate planning errors, and enable you to design the optimal treatment for your patients. ClearCheck is an automated plan evaluation software that instantly runs over 60 plan checks, collision checks, and prescription checks. EZFluence is an automated 3D planning software that works for any treatment site with any beam arrangement. It instantly generates high-quality optimal plans in a fraction of the time. Our newest tool, QuickCode is an automated billing QA software that audits for missed or incorrect charges within Varian's Aria.

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Proton Therapy Partners

Proton Therapy Partners (PTP) named Kurt Morath Vice President: Operations. Most recently, as Director of Operations, Penn Radiation Oncology (Philadelphia, PA), Morath led Penn's operations through unprecedented growth as an integral part of building the Robert's Proton Therapy Center (2009) and in building two single-room proton centers. In his role with PTP, Morath will direct all aspects of operations: leading the planning, building and operation of PTP's Proton Therapy Centers and overseeing PTP's management and consulting business. Proton Therapy Partners is an innovative healthcare services company bringing life-changing proton therapy to their patients and communities by lowering financial barriers.

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Nanobiotix is proud to sponsor ASTRO 2019. Our vision is to expand life for humanity, and that we can do so by developing innovative, physics-based treatments for diseases like cancer that limit our potential. Over 50% of cancer patients receive radiotherapy as part of their treatment, and that's why we have developed and are researching NBTXR3, which aims to be the world's first radioenhancer. We look forward to meeting you in Chicago to discuss how we can work together to benefit patients around the world.

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At ASTRO 2019 Elekta will highlight its growing portfolio of innovative solutions for making precision radiation medicine the new standard in value-based healthcare. Recent innovations, including MOSAIQ® SmartClinic and Elekta Unity, and continued advances to foundational solutions, such as Leksell Gamma Knife®, demonstrate Elekta's continued commitment to improving the safety and efficacy of radiation oncology while streamlining clinical workflows to reduce treatment delays and healthcare costs. Elekta is committed to transforming cancer care not only through technology innovation but also by developing solutions to the treatment gaps and process inefficiencies that drive up healthcare costs and produce suboptimal patient outcomes.

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ASTRO' 19: Exhibitor preview of ASTRO corporate members.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

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