ASTRO '18: Bionix displays lineup for external beam radiation therapy

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Bionix Radiation Therapy showcased a wide range of systems at ASTRO 2018 in San Antonio, Oct. 21-24, including the Prone Breast System, Pelvis Belly Plus System, Omni V SBRT Positioning System, AccuTattT, Dry Oven, VersaBoard, VersaBoard Ultra, TruGuard, and Embrace Thermoplastic.

The Prone Breast System was created with a focus on ensuring patient comfort, re-positional accuracy and ease of use and reduces irradiation to the chest wall, healthy cardiac tissue and lungs.

The Pelvis Belly Plus System comfortably positions patients, while achieving greater bowel displacement.

The Omni V SBRT Positioning System is specifically designed for accuracy and tumor-focused positioning and includes multiple customizable options, allowing each patient to be securely positioned during treatment.

Accu-Tatt is an all-inclusive, sterile, single-use tattoo device for patient marking. The tattoo markings made by Accu-Tatt are both small and permanent and the ergonomic design allows for increased control and assists in accurate patient setups.

The Dry Oven heats thermoplastic material using safe heat technology, while reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

The VersaBoard was designed specifically to better stabilize head, neck and brain patients during IMRT treatments. The VersaBoard Ultra gives healthcare providers an easy to use, quick to set up and high dependable solution for patients undergoing IMRT, IGRT, SRT and SRS treatments.

TruGuard helps radiation therapy departments position and protect sensitive oral tissue with an easy to fit, custom device for head and neck external beam radiation therapy treatments. It passively positions the tongue and jaw separating sensitive healthy tissue in a reproducible way.

Embrace Thermoplastic creates customizable immobilization for patients receiving radiation therapy of the head and neck.

 About Bionix Radiation Therapy

Since 1984, Bionix Radiation Therapy has been providing the radiation therapy community with innovative, quality and precise products for external beam radiation therapy. We are dedicated to collaboration with clinicians to create novel approaches for current challenges in radiation oncology. We strive for elegant, simple and effective solutions with patient outcome in mind. Bionix Radiation Therapy is on the forefront of clinical technology. We are taking radical approaches to improve precision and accuracy from the most highly complex cancers that require advanced precision. Our solutions are providing clinicians with the tools they need to treat cancer while we maintain our focus on the fight to end cancer

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ASTRO '18: Bionix displays lineup for external beam radiation therapy.  Appl Rad Oncol. 

By News Release| October 28, 2018
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